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Marie Sharp's Pepper Jellies & Orange Jelly

Green Habanero Pepper Jelly
Pepper jellies, both of the mild-sweet variety and the spicy-sweet variety, are popular old-fashioned condiments sold in many country stores in the South. Often served to accompany roast beef, lamb, grilled pork chops, baked chicken and other robust meats and poultry, pepper jelly (especially the hotter variety) is also blended with softened cream cheese and served with crackers as a simple but full-flavored snack. The cream cheese helps temper the peppery fire of hot peppers and also makes the snack more filling. But even without the cream cheese, most of the hot pepper jelly that hails from the southeastern US is of the "gentler" variety, with a heat level that those from the American Southwest or from hot-pepper-loving cultures would consider tame.

Pepper jelly from the Caribbean is another story. For starters, the local peppers--habaneros, scotch bonnets and the like--are far hotter than those traditionally used in North Carolina and the American South. Accordingly, the heat level of your typical Caribbean pepper jelly is impressive, to say the least! But a well-made Caribbean pepper jelly, just like an American one, will boast a rich, palate-pleasing pepper flavor and a mellow sweetness to nicely balance the heat. Marie Sharp's Pepper Jellies are excellent representatives of the Caribbean style of pepper jelly.

Made with choice green habanero peppers, Marie Sharp's Green Habanero Pepper Jelly gets its beautiful pale green shade without any artificial colors--in fact, like all her jellies, it's made from all-natural ingredients. In addition to giving the jelly its color, the green habaneros bring their very bright, youthful pepper flavor along with their sharp heat to create a blazing hot condiment that pairs best with heartier, more robustly-flavored or seasoned foods (think beef, pork, mutton, goat, venison) as well as grilled fish or on a fried-fish sandwich.

Red Habanero Pepper Jelly
For a mellower, rounder ripe-pepper flavor that will complement your breakfast plate, lunch burger or sandwich, or dinner entree, there's Marie Sharp's Red Habanero Pepper Jelly, made with choice red habanero peppers. Because the red habaneros have ripened fully, their flavor is naturally sweeter (just like red bell peppers are sweeter than green), with fruity overtones instead of the natural "grassy" or vegetal notes from green habaneros. As with her green pepper jelly, the red pepper jelly is all-natural, and both are made with unrefined sugar--there's no corn syrup in either of these tropical treats! Enjoy the red habanero pepper jelly just as you would the green, and you can also spread it on biscuits or bagels with or without cream cheese (but it is HOT so be prepared), or heat it to make a glaze for ribs or shrimp-and-veggie kabobs.

Sweet Orange Jelly
Finally, if you or someone you know prefers to avoid hot and spicy foods, or if you're merely looking for something sweet and gentle, we've added Marie Sharp's Sweet Orange Pepper Jelly. More delicate in flavor and texture than a Seville orange marmalade or preserve, this sunny all-natural jelly brings a gentle, graceful orange flavor that will make you smile. Ideal for breakfast, brunch or sweet snacking, it's delicious on biscuits, toast, scones, pancakes, waffles or even on graham crackers or shortbread. There are no hot peppers in this luscious tropical condiment, so everyone from little kids to great-grandmothers will enjoy it without fear of burnt tongues.

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