Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pain is Good Diva Hot Sauces have Arrived!

Pain is Good Hot Sauces
The Pain is Good hot sauce brand is well-known for its unique "screaming head" labels: Each of their hot sauces, wing sauces and other Pain is Good products bears a simple brown label dominated by a head shot of a guy screaming in pain... or more accurately, in painful joy, because pain is good, at least according to them. At least in the context of these zesty, all-natural hot and spicy sauces, I must agree with their name: Pain is Good hot sauces do, indeed, taste quite good and deliver a happy hit of peppery "pain" along with fabulous flavor.

Up until now, we've had only the three original Pain is Good Hot Sauces--#37 Garlic Hot Sauce, #114 Jamaican Hot Sauce, and #218 Louisiana Hot Sauce--all of which feature screaming men on the label. It's high time we gave equal representation to female fans of fiery foods, and thus it's my pleasure to announce that the Carolina Sauces online store now offers the three "Diva" Pain is Good hot sauces with screaming women on the labels!
Jalapeno Wasabi Sauce

The first is Pain is Good #66 Jalapeno Wasabi Hot Sauce, a fascinating fusion of Asian flavors like wasabi, pungent mustard, horseradish and ginger with New World jalapeno peppers. The result is an eye-catching light green hot sauce--the color is natural--with an intriguingly engaging flavor and zippy medium heat with a touch of that trademark sinus-clearing zing of wasabi and Chinese mustard. Of course this a great sauce to splash on Chinese takeout or on homemade stir-fry dishes, and it's a zippy dip for sushi, egg rolls, panko-breaded fried shrimp and other Asian-themed foods. But it's also great on tacos, burritos, chimichangas, drizzled over nachos, with tostadas and other Mexican or Southwestern fare.

Jalapeno Harissa Sauce
The next new Diva hot sauce is Pain is Good #112 Jalapeno Harissa Hot Sauce, another inventive blend of spicy flavors from different parts of the globe. Harissa is a traditional fiery condiment from Morocco and other northern African cultures, with an intensely fiery, pungent flavor. In this hot sauce, harissa is blended with jalapeno peppers, cilantro and other ingredients not typically associated with harissa, all in a tomato base that helps to keep the heat level at a manageable medium-hot while adding richness in flavor and texture. This jalapeno-harissa hot sauce is a natural with grilled food, especially meats, burgers and chicken thighs. You can also enjoy it at the table with any robust food whenever you want to jolt your taste buds and get the juices flowing.

Honey Cayenne Sauce
Last but not least is Pain is Good #164 Honey Cayenne Hot Sauce, a playfully spicy-sweet cayenne pepper sauce that's sweetened with real honey while mustard and orange juice add refreshingly sassy tang. The flavors tempt and tease you with just enough of a burn to keep you from overindulging yet making you want just one more bite. This hot sauce is the epitome of "food friendly" and will complement any recipe or dish with which you'd normally use a cayenne sauce. It's great with shrimp and seafood as well as with chicken--try it in your recipe for homemade Buffalo wings!--and with ribs (pork or beef), with grilled or roasted vegetables, and even with kielbasa, bratwurst and other sausages.

All three new Pain is Good Diva Hot Sauces, as well as the original three Pain is Good hot sauces, are currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company.

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