Friday, January 4, 2013

Montreal Steak Seasoning is Here & On Sale!

Montreal steak seasoning
Montreal Steak Seasoning
The Carolina Sauces online store now carries Montreal Steak Seasoning, and it's also currently on sale!  This robust, savory blend of Kosher salt, coarsely ground pepper, minced garlic and other zesty spices & herbs originated in Montreal and is believed to trace its roots back to Eastern European pickling spices. Today, this hearty seasoning blend is popular throughout the United States as well as Canada and loved by people who appreciate a properly seasoned steak, as well as by other carnivores and even some vegetarians who like it on baked potatoes and other non-meat foods.

Chili Pepper Republic Montreal Steakhouse Blend delivers that authentic Montreal steakhouse flavor at home, with that traditional mouthwatering taste that brings out the best in steaks and other foods. Commonly used in Montreal restaurants and delis as a steak seasoning, rib rub and all-purpose meat condiment, it's also excellent sprinkled over French fries,  roasted or grilled vegetables and even broiled seafood or roasted chicken. The butcher-style cracked pepper adds just the right amount of zip without making this a hot or spicy seasoning, which means the entire family will enjoy it. And best of all, there are no artificial ingredients and no MSG in this Montreal Steak Seasoning, making it a wholesome choice unlike some mass-produced seasonings from the supermarket.

Buy Montreal Steak Seasoning online from the Carolina Sauce Company -- you'll find it on our Rubs & Seasonings page, or simply click on the photo above -- and let us know what you think when you try it.

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