Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quick Tip: Bacon-Roasted Garlic (and Garlic Bacon)

garlic bacon
Roasting garlic & bacon
If you're planning on cooking bacon and roasting garlic, here's a zesty tip:

Cook them together in your oven!

Cooking bacon in your oven is easier and less messy than frying it on your stove. And roasting the garlic cloves together with bacon produces mouthwatering results, both for the bacon AND the roasted garlic.

All you need to do is follow my instructions for cooking bacon in your oven, but before you put the tray of bacon in your oven add the raw garlic cloves to the tray, on or among the strips of bacon. The garlic will roast in the fat that renders as the bacon cooks, and both will be done at the same time. Especially if you place some garlic on the bacon, the bacon will pick up a subtle garlic flavor while the roasted garlic cloves will have a hint of smoky, meaty bacon flavor for a buttery richness and depth that's simply not possible when roasting "conventionally" in oil.

Here's an added bonus when you cook bacon and roast garlic together: If you save your bacon fat for cooking and using in recipes, this batch of bacon fat will be infused with marvelous roasted-garlic flavor!

spicy garlic mushrooms
Do you have a quick tip for bacon or garlic, or both? If so, please share it in a comment below, or post it on the Carolina Sauce Facebook page.

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