Saturday, January 19, 2013

UNC Tarheels Gift Sets for BBQ &Tailgating

UNC Tarheels hot sauce
Good news for UNC Tarheels fans: The Carolina Sauce Company is now your online source for zesty sauces and sauce gift sets bedecked with the officially licensed logo and colors of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!

You may already be aware that we offer UNC Tar Heels Hot Sauce and have done so for a while at the Carolina Sauces online store, and this classic cayenne pepper hot sauce has proven to be quite popular.

Its food-friendly medium heat level is just the right amount of spiciness for most people, but if you're a Tarheel fan who prefers milder sauces, we didn't have something for you -- until now.

UNC Tarheels BBQ Sauce gift
Our UNC Tar Heels Grilling Sauce Gift Set is the right gift for anyone who enjoys barbecue and grilling but who prefers rich, mouthwatering flavor over peppery fire. This gift box comes with a full-size (12 oz) bottle each of lip-smacking, finger-licking good Cajun, Lime and Peach grilling sauces. While all three are delicious with pretty much any kind of meat, poultry or seafood, I usually prefer Cajun for red meats, Lime for fish or shrimp, and Peach for pork and chicken, and any of them for grilled vegetables depending on mood. These sauces are excellent for marinating, basting and dipping, too, and their labels and the sturdy gift box decorated with UNC-CH's colors and Tar Heel logo leave no doubt as to where your school or NCAA loyalty lies.

UNC Tarheels tailgating gift
And for the Tar Heel who tailgates before the game, there's the North Carolina Tarheels Tailgating Gift Set, also with full-size products in a decorated gift box. This set comes with a jar of zesty picante sauce for dipping chips or pouring over nachos (it's also superb on burgers, in sandwiches, and any other way you'd enjoy salsa), a bottle of the aforementioned cayenne pepper Tar Heels Hot Sauce, and a bottle of tangy, all-purpose barbecue sauce that will complement whatever you throw on the grill.

You'll find all of these UNC sauce gifts on our main North Carolina Products page (make sure to click on that page because the gift boxes are not available on the main Carolina Sauces online store). You'll want to bookmark that page for the next time you need a gift for your favorite UNC-CH student, grad, faculty, staff or fan.

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