Thursday, March 28, 2013

Buy Salsa Lizano Online & On Sale at Carolina Sauce

Salsa Lizano -- or Lizano Sauce, if you prefer -- is a savory, all-purpose sauce and marinade from Costa Rica that's achieved world-wide popularity and praise. The original recipe was developed almost 100 years ago and is still used today. Smooth and pourable (thin not thick) with a mild vinegar tang and mellow sweetness from molasses plus a peppery zip, the deep, rich flavors come from a special blend of all-natural ingredients including vegetables and spices. The complete recipe is a closely guarded secret that has been preserved since 1920, and only the master saucemaker at Lizano is said to know the entire recipe.

Ubiquitous in Costa Rican cuisine, Salsa Lizano is used both during cooking (think of it as the Latin American answer to Worcestershire sauce or soy sauce but with a distinctive Latin twist) and as a table sauce for enhancing the flavor of pretty much any savory food. It's a natural with poultry and meats, in stews and bean dishes, as a condiment for breakfast eggs, to season rice or soup, and even in curries and cheese dishes. Lizano Sauce is an excellent choice for marinating steaks and other cuts of beef, venison, pork and other red meats, and adds mouthwatering flavor to burgers when you mix some into the ground beef. It also adds Costa Rican flair to fish and seafood. No wonder this versatile sauce become one of the best-known condiments across the globe.

The Carolina Sauces online store is excited to add the original Salsa Lizano to its stable of sauces and seasonings. The 24oz bottle is currently on sale for only $7.45 a bottle, so now is the time to buy Lizano Sauce online.

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