Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love Hot Wings? Try Danny Cash's Fallen Angel Wing Sauces

Can't stop eating super-hot buffalo wings?

Do you consider names like "Suicide Wings" and "Nuclear Wings" to be a personal challenge?

Are you addicted to the adrenaline rush from eating seriously HOT wing sauce?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, Danny Cash's Fallen Angel Wing Sauces are for you.

You know a company is serious about fiery heat when their "milder" hot wing sauce is made with a generous quantity of habanero peppers -- so many, in fact, that habaneros are the #1 ingredient in Danny Cash's Fallen Angel Habanero Wing Sauce.

This is a traditional Buffalo style sauce, which means it's made with real butter, vinegar and cayenne peppers plus the requisite savory seasonings... and that's it: No unorthodox flavorings or sissy herbs, just honest and straightforward classic stuff in this sauce.

When habaneros are considered "mild," it can only mean that the notorious ghost pepper, aka bhut or naga jolokia, will star in the "hot" wing sauce (quotation marks around "hot" only because it would more accurately be described as ULTRA hot). 

Such is the case with Danny Cash's Fallen Angel Jolokia Ghost Wing Sauce.

This time the lead ingredient is a copious quantity of naga jolokia ghost peppers, followed by the habaneros and cayenne in his original wing sauce recipe. As you might imagine, the end result is a blazing hot wing sauce that's not for the faint of heart or palate, which delivers the same great classic Buffalo flavor as Danny Cash's habanero original.

Both flavors of Danny Cash's Wing Sauce are now available and on sale at the Carolina Sauces online store, where you'll also find other fiery Danny Cash sauces and seasonings.

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PS:  If you prefer a Buffalo wing sauce that is tamer in heat, or non-traditional wing sauces like garlic-parmesan or honey-BBQ, you'll want to browse our wide selection of Wing Sauces where you'll find sauces for every taste and heat preference.

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