Saturday, March 30, 2013

Maybe Not the Smartest Thing to Bring on a Plane...

Buy Mustard Gas Hot Sauce
If you're serious about your hot sauce and other zesty condiments, you probably have one or two favorites that you bring with you on the road. After all, most food would otherwise simply taste boring.

Unfortunately, the TSA has made it more difficult to bring along your favorite sauces when traveling by air, limiting us to mini hot sauce bottles in a quart-size baggie for carry-on luggage.

Full-size bottles are still generally fine to bring along in checked luggage, and of course you need to pack them with care so that they don't break or leak in transit.

If you choose to bring along a few bottles of hot sauce in your luggage, however, here's a tip:

Leave Crazy Jerry's Mustard Gas Hot Sauce at home.

I know, I know, it may be difficult to have to go without this potent concoction that expertly combines the sinus-clearing, tear-jerking power of REAL mustard (think wasabi or Chinese restaurant mustard) with the tongue-searing, heart-pumping burn of pepper extracts. This super-hot mustard hot sauce takes capsaicin-induced adrenaline rushes to new heights.

But if some overzealous TSA agent happens to open your bag for inspection and finds the metal "mustard gas" canister that encases this hot sauce, you may have some serious "splaining" to do.

So here's my advice:

If you know you'll be visiting friends or family and you can't bear the thought of spending days eating woefully bland food with only wimpy supermarket condiments for seasoning, simply plan ahead and order Crazy Jerry's Mustard Gas Hot Sauce (or whatever your favorite spicy condiment happens to be) from the Carolina Sauces online store and have it shipped your destination ahead of your departure. Your taste buds will thank you.

Zestfully yours,

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