Saturday, March 2, 2013

Corky's Memphis BBQ Sauce & Dry Rub are Back!

We're excited to announce that the Carolina Sauce Company is once again your online source for the famous Corky's Original Bar-B-Q Sauce and Corky's Dry Rub, courtesy of our partner, InsaneChicken.

Perhaps the most famous barbecue sauce to come out of Tennessee, Corky's is a sweet, mildly-spiced but deeply flavorful tomato BBQ sauce that was created specifically for enjoying with smoked ribs in the Memphis "wet ribs" style.  Whether you like to baste the ribs during the final few minutes of cooking to create a luscious bark that surrounds the succulent meat and seals in the juices, or instead prefer to dip your "dry ribs" at the table, the one thing that everyone will agree on is that Corky's is one great-tasting barbeque sauce.

In addition to wowing your taste buds when served on or with ribs (beef or pork), Corky's Memphis Bar-B-Q Sauce is magnificent on chicken (grilled, roasted, baked or broiled), with brisket or tenderloin, on hamburgers or venison, and even slathered on kabobs of all sorts, including shrimp and vegetables. Its brown sugar & molasses sweetness and rich tomato flavor make it a natural for adding to recipes for meatloaf, sloppy joes, baked beans, stews and hearty casseroles. Kids love it as a dipping sauce for fries, chicken fingers, tater tots and other finger food. Because Corky's Original BBQ Sauce is not hot/spicy, everyone in your family and all your cookout guests can enjoy it without worrying about a peppery burn.

If dry ribs are more your style -- or if you're in the market for a robust, savory all-purpose barbecue seasoning that's sugar-free -- Corky's Bar-B-Q Dry Rub is the one for you. Because there's no sugar in this BBQ seasoning, it won't burn while you're grilling or smoking whatever you've seasoned with it. Sprinkle generously over all types of raw red meat or poultry and gently pat on (the word "rub" is a misnomer), then either let the food sit in the refrigerator for a few hours to allow the flavors to penetrate, OR cook right away on the grill, smoker, stove or in the oven -- any way you use it, the results will be fantastic. You can also season fish, seafood, vegetables and raw ground meat for recipes with Corky's BBQ seasoning. Mix some with cornmeal or other breading for zesty fried fish and other fried foods.

You'll find both of these Corky's products on our recently-updated Southern Foods page, along with other popular but hard-to-find sauces, seasonings, condiments and foods from the South.

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