Friday, March 22, 2013

Peach 'n Pepper Grilling Sauce: Summer in a Bottle!

I first had the pleasure of tasting Peach 'n Pepper Grilling Sauce at the Fiery Foods Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico, many years ago. My tasting notes begin with:

"Summer in a bottle"

Luscious, juicy peaches are among summer's iconic fruits, and sweet Vidalia onions are the perfect savory foil for their ambrosial flavor. Both of these flavors of the season play a central role in this magnificent barbecue and grilling sauce, with three different kinds of hot peppers and just a dash of capsicum oil providing a fiery finish that complements without overpowering (the heat level is on the lower end of "medium").

Peach 'n Pepper is superb for slathering on ribs (beef or pork) and grilling chicken, as well as for basting all kinds of kabobs. Simply mop or baste with it during the final 10 or so minutes of grilling. You can also serve this sauce as a table or dipping sauce for all sorts of robust meats, poultry and seafood -- e.g., beef brisket, pork chops, grilled shrimp, venison roast, even duck -- and use it for cooking in a crock pot (slow cooker) or in the oven for baking and roasting.  Some people even add it to ground meat recipes like sloppy joes, burgers and meatloaf.

Buy Peach 'n Pepper Grilling Sauce online at the Carolina Sauces online store, where it's currently on sale, and enjoy the flavors of summer any time of the year.

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