Sunday, September 16, 2007

Favorite Sauce Names

The Carolina Sauce Company takes pride in being a family-friendly hot sauce & specialty foods store, meaning that we don't carry any X-rated products like other hot sauce vendors. But just because we like to keep things clean doesn't mean we don't have a sense of humor. We get a kick out of the names of some of the products we carry, and here's a list of my 11 favorite names:

1. Toad Sweat: I did a double-take the first time we saw that one, and I'm glad I stopped to taste a sample! Toad Sweat Dessert Hot Sauces are spicy, sweet and fruity, and are made especially for ice cream, cheesecake and other sweet delights that could use a peppery kick. Toad Sweat comes in 4 great flavors plus a 4-pack of mini-bottles so that you can try them all!

2. Carolina Swamp Sauce: This deliciously savory marinade with the funny name is wonderful on meats and poultry and anything else you grill.

3. Happy Sauce: I confess I'm a little biased with this one, but folks always smile when they hear the name or see a bottle, and many ask if there's "real happy sauce" in the recipe. No, there's no booze, but the great flavors in this award-winning marinade and grilling sauce makes everyone happy!

4. Blue Tick Dressing: With a name like that, your dressing/marinade had better taste good! And in fact, this one sure does. Blue Tick Dressing is made by the same folks who make Carolina Swamp Sauce.

5. Oink Moo Cock A Doodle Doo: The down-home name lets you know that this lip-smacking-good Piedmont-style NC BBQ sauce is yummy on pork, beef and chicken.

6. Cackalacky: Some folks refer to NC as "North Cackalacky" and that's where the name of this spicy, flavorful table sauce originates.

7. Liquid Stoopid: You KNOW you're in for trouble when the label for this ultra-hot sauce warns that you'll taste your IQ points melting away and "One drop will Stoopify ya!"

8. Pain Is Good: Finally, a hot sauce that declares what serious chileheads have known all along! We carry 3 great flavors of Pain Is Good: Garlic, Louisiana, and Jamaican style. Each label features the photo of a guy screaming in pleasure/pain, making the bottle a guaranteed conversation starter at your next BBQ, tailgate or cookout.

9. Lawyers Breath: This garlicky hot sauce is a favorite with lawyers, judges and other legal professionals, and is one of 4 different judicially-themed hot sauces. Check out our Lawyer's Gift Set with all 4 flavors!

10. Hot Honeys: A cute name for deliciously spicy honey-roasted chipotle-dusted peanuts. Warning: Hot Honeys are addictively good!

11. Satan's Blood: The ultra-hot sauce bearing this sinister name actually LOOKS like real blood, and it's bottled in an old-fashioned flask to add to the scary visual impact.

That's my list - now let us know which are YOUR favorite product names!

Zestfully yours,

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