Thursday, September 6, 2007

More Feedback for Operation Sauce Drop

Many thanks to all of you who have generously contributed to Operation Sauce Drop, and/or have posted the link ( on blogs and forums, forwarded it to friends and family, and otherwise helped to spread the word. Operation Sauce Drop wouldn't be possible without your support. We continue to receive notes of gratitude from the troops, as well as from family members. Here are some of the most recent comments:

From a serviceman in the Air Force who requested the North Carolina Gift Box: "It is very nice to see companies such as yours supporting the troops. We GREATLY appreciate people/business's such as yours. Thanks"

From a family member who signed up a soldier to receive a gift box: "Thanks for your program for our soldiers. This particular soldier is my nephew, on his 2nd tour of the Mideast."

From a military mom who signed up her son: "Thank you for thinking of my children in this way."

From a serviceman back in the US who sent in a very generous contribution: "I can attest to how much the food at the DFACs in Iraq could stand a little of your products -- wish I'd known you guys shipped to APOs a year ago! Great idea you've come up with."

We hope to have some photos to share in the near future, so stay tuned -- and thanks again for your support!
Zestfully yours,

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