Thursday, September 20, 2007

Operation Sauce Drop Update

It's taken me a while to post this, but (finally!) here's a photo of the first batch of Operation Sauce Drop gift boxes to be shipped to US troops, thanks to the generous donations received to date. So far, Operation Sauce Drop has received contributions from 24 donors, including some current and retired members of the US Armed Forces, family members of active duty military personnel, and regular folks who want to let our brave servicemen and women know that we're thinking of them back home. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have sent out 21 Gift Boxes to date, and we have 5 pending requests for gift boxes, which we hope to be able to ship next week. We have posted these statistics on the main page for Operation Sauce Drop, which is also where donations can be made and where gift box requests can be entered. Make sure to check there for updates, as we plan to post revised statistics at least once a month and hopefully more frequently. In addition to the four different gift boxes currently available, we're working on adding one or more BBQ sauce gift boxes, if we can get the right packaging and products assembled. More info on that if and when it's available.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed and otherwise helped with Operation Sauce Drop! As you can see from my earlier posts with feedback from the troops and from family members, you are helping to make a difference. Every contribution helps, regardless of size. And if for whatever reason you are unable to make a monetary contribution but you want to help somehow, then here's how: Spread the word about Operation Sauce Drop. Tell your friends. Heck, email the link to them and anyone else you think might be interested. Post a link to Operation Sauce Drop on blogs, forums, discussion groups and websites. And if you know anyone in the armed forces, let them know about the Military Sign-Up for a free gift box. By spreading the word about Operation Sauce Drop and how easy it is to contribute, you'll help make sure that all gift box requests can be fulfilled, and that a gift box will be sent to every serviceman and servicewoman who requests one. Thank you!!!

Zestfully yours,

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