Friday, October 12, 2007

Growlin' Grizzly Wins Major Award

Growlin' Grizzly Barbecue and Dipping Sauce was created by "Bear-Man" Barry Conway of Bear-Man Sauces in upstate New York. This palate-pleasing thick and tangy sauce received much well-deserved recognition at the NASFT Fancy Foods Show, a major food industry trade show, held in New York back in July. Specifically, Growlin' Grizzly took home the 2007 sofi™ Silver Award for Outstanding Cooking Sauce or Flavor Enhancer. What distinguishes Growlin' Grizzly from other thick tomato-based sauces is its careful balance of rich, bold flavors without overdoing the sweetness or adding smokiness, and with the right amount of peppery kick that keeps you coming back for more. The sauce is made with bits of onion and other fresh ingredients that give it a full-bodied, homemade texture. Growlin' Grizzly enhances your favorite barbecue meats and poultry, but we especially like its hearty, savory flavor on venison and other game meats. If you're looking for a barbecue sauce that's hearty enough for Fall/winter grilling, broiling, roasting, mopping and dipping, search no further than the award-winning Growlin' Grizzly!

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