Monday, October 22, 2007

Tarheel Premium Barbecue Sauces

Our newest sauces at Carolina Sauce Company come to us from Stella, North Carolina, a little town in the eastern reaches of NC, sort of between Camp Lejeune and Morehead City. Tarheel Premium Barbecue Sauces are made from old family recipes dating back over 50 years, and help you capture the delicious flavors of a bygone era when friends and family would gather after the tobacco harvest to share a bountiful feast featuring a whole slow-cooked hog, grilled chicken, and all the fixin's made from farm-fresh produce. Tarheel Premium Gone Whole Hog Barbecue Sauce is a traditional eastern-style NC BBQ sauce made from cider vinegar, a blend of peppers and other spices, and no tomatoes. This is the kind of sauce that just begs to be splashed on pork, especially the slow-smoked pulled pork barbecue found in eastern NC. But the beauty of this sauce is that you can also use it as a marinade and basting sauce for meats cooked in the oven or in a crock pot. Tarheel Premium Honey BBQ Sauce is a thicker, sweeter sauce with a rich blend of flavors including tomatoes, onions and real honey with a splash of cider vinegar and a dash of spices. This rich sauce is the perfect complement to grilled chicken or ribs as well as other meat and poultry. Use it for basting, mopping, dipping and marinating, and also try it in the oven and crock pot as well. Get a bottle of each flavor of Tarheel Premium Barbeque Sauces and let your taste buds carry you away to a simpler time when folks took the time to make good food for friends and family.

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