Monday, October 29, 2007

Shoogs' Authentic NC BBQ Sauce

When I first saw the label on the bottle of Shoogs' BBQ Sauce, I had to smile: The little pig with the squinty grin was sooooooooo cute that I almost wanted to give up eating barbecue! Well, almost - one taste of Shoogs' Authentic North Carolina Barbeque Sauce quickly changed my mind. This sauce is the real deal, folks, and just begs to be splashed on some pulled pork BBQ, or used as a marinade and grilling sauce for chicken. Shoogs' Barbeque Sauce is an eastern NC style, vinegar-based BBQ sauce that's tart, tangy and peppery without any added sweetness. Although the sauce does have some tomato, it's there just to add "body" to the vinegar base and doesn't change that eastern NC style tang. Shoogs' has a very pleasant bite to it from the hot pepper flakes and black pepper bits that you can see in the sauce, which makes it especially nice when using it on a pullled pork BBQ sandwich that also has creamy slaw (or for splashing on collard greens, or for dipping hushpuppies in - my personal favorite, especially if the hushpuppies are made from sweet cornmeal). If you're looking to try a new authentic eastern North Carolina barbecue sauce, then order yourself a bottle of Shoogs' Barbeque Sauceand get yourself cookin'!

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