Wednesday, October 17, 2007

NHL Tailgating, Carolina Style

Being passionate hockey fans here at Carolina Sauce Company, we couldn't wait for the start of the new NHL season and the first Carolina Hurricanes home game. And since the weather is still warm and sunny here (in fact, a little too much so - we really need some rain), we planned a tailgating cookout for opening night featuring free range grass-fed, all-natural (antibiotic and hormone free) beef steaks, grilled vegetables, and a nice red wine to enjoy before the game. The veggies were seasoned with olive oil and a dry rub that we're considering as a new product for our online store. The steaks were seasoned simply with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper, grilled rare over charcoal, and served with Boar and Castle Sauce on the side - but the beef was so yummy "as is" that I ended up using the sauce with the grilled veggies instead, proving once again that Boar & Castle steak sauce is great on virtually anything. Dinner was wonderful and the hockey game was exciting, but unfortunately our Hurricanes didn't win. At least they've been doing quite nicely on their road trip so far!

Alas, we have recently learned that the manufacturer of Boar and Castle Sauce has suspended production of the sauce indefinitely, and is undecided as to whether to resume production in the future. In short, Boar and Castle Sauce may be gone for good. I've begged and pleaded for him to resume production since this sauce quickly became a best-seller upon our adding it to our store, AND there are so many people out there who buy it regularly. The best I could get was assurances that *if* production is restarted, Carolina Sauce Company will be notified promptly so that we can re-stock the product. We have started a "waiting list" with the names and contact info of people who are interested in ordering Boar and Castle Sauce if/when it's available again. If you wish to be added to the Boar and Castle Sauce waiting list, please contact us.

Zestfully yours,

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