Saturday, October 13, 2007

Why Contribute to Operation Sauce Drop?

Are you still on the fence about whether you can afford $5, or maybe a little more, for Operation Sauce Drop? If so, then please keep reading.

We received the following note to our donors, from a military mom who signed up her son for a free gift box from Operation Sauce Drop:

"Thank you for your generosity to our troops. They appreciate it more than you know."

And here's an email from a member of the Air Force stationed abroad, who not only signed up for a gift box but also made a monetary contribution so that we could keep sending free gift boxes to other deployed military personnel:

"Hello, and thank you folks for the gift box.... I plan on using the various hot sauces to make an assortment of hot wings for the guys I work with for our superbowl party. It really makes us VERY happy that the there are people like you that still give a damn about us. I'll make sure to spread the word to family and friends back home about the web page for contribution to your operation sauce drop."

So are you ready now to get off the fence and contribute to Operation Sauce Drop?

Zestfully yours,

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