Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mile High Hot Sauce

Several years back, I discovered an unusual hot sauce at the "deck" dining area of the RBC Center where the Carolina Hurricanes play their home games. Two things caught my eye about this hot sauce: first, the unusual bottle shape, and second, its bright red color despite being a jalapeno hot sauce. Jalapeno pepper hot sauces are almost always made from green (unripe) jalapenos, the kind you typically find in your produce section at the grocery store. Using green jalapenos results in a sharper "grassy" or "vegetal" flavor profile (think green bell pepper flavor vs. ripe red or yellow bell pepper flavor). Having never tried a naturally red jalapeno pepper hot sauce, I had to put some Mile High Hot Sauce on my nachos and give it a try. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! Mile High Hot Sauce is made with sun-ripened red jalapeno peppers. The end result is a rounder, mellower pepper flavor without the edge of green peppers, BUT with all the heat (and maybe more!) of a standard green jalapeno pepper hot sauce. In other words, the ripe red jalapenos produce a more satisfying, food-friendly and better tasting hot sauce, without sacrificing the natural jalapeno heat.

Mile High Hot Sauce is made in North Carolina by a former Air Force fighter pilot who grows his jalapeno peppers on a 5-acre plot of land that's part of the Goldsboro Wayne Airport property in Pikeville, North Carolina. Because Mile High Hot Sauce is not strained, its consistency is pleasantly thicker than that of vinegar-laden, runny grocery store hot sauces. In fact, the little pieces of pepper and seeds make Mile High Hot Sauce a favorite with salsa fans, and a great condiment for scrambled eggs and omelets. With its medium-hot heat level and rich, sunny flavor profile, Mile High Hot Sauce is ideal for spicing up your food without destroying your taste buds. Perhaps best of all, it comes in a generous 10 oz bottle, so you get twice as much sauce as your average hot sauce bottle! Try this North Carolina original today, or get a bottle (or two) of Mile High Hot Sauce as a gift for your favorite aviator.

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