Friday, March 28, 2008

Burning Asphalt Hot Sauces Back in Stock!

Buffalo NY and the surrounding area have a well-deserved reputation as the home of REAL Buffalo wings, but there's a little company that's gaining its own well-deserved fame for its special, racing-themed hot sauces. Admittedly, Burning Asphalt does make an award-winning Buffalo wing sauce, but its fiery and flavorful hot sauces are earning a following among hot sauce consumers and collectors. And happily, all four flavors of Burning Asphalt Hot Sauce are back in stock again at the Carolina Sauce Company! For pepper purists, there's Burning Asphalt Jalapeno Hot Sauce and the considerably hotter Burning Asphalt Habanero Hot Sauce. What I love about both of these hot sauces is that the first ingredient listed on the label for each is the namesake pepper, and as a result you taste the true unadulterated essence of the chile pepper. Neither hot sauce is vinegar-heavy, relying primarily on other ingredients for tang (the Jalapeno sauce also has some mustard) and body (the Jalapeno sauce has green peppers, while the Habanero sauce has tomatoes). Additionally, the Burning Asphalt Habanero Hot Sauce tends a bit towards the sweet side, which helps render the heat more manageable and tames the sharp edginess of habanero peppers.

If you enjoy habaneros but have a lower heat tolerance, or if you're seeking a sweeter hot sauce (they're especially nice on grilled meats as well as pork), then try Burning Asphalt Sweet & Hot Garlic Sauce. Made with a secret blend of different peppers plus a bit of habanero peppers for a medium heat level, the sweet garlicky flavor of this pepper sauce is unusual and quite good. If you prefer a more traditional garlic hot sauce, then Burning Asphalt Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce is for you. Not quite as fiery as the original Burning Asphalt Habanero Hot Sauce but still plenty hot, this garlic hot sauce is especially good on pizza and Italian foods -- and would make a great hot sauce for your homemade hot wings recipe.

Burning Asphalt Hot Sauces were developed by racing fans (which explains the race car and checkered flag on the label, as well as the name of course), and have a big following at racetracks and among NASCAR and Indy Car fans. This adds to their gift appeal -- and with that in mind, we've also assembled some sauce sets that would make great gifts for racing fans. So if you're ready to shift your taste buds into high gear, order some Burning Asphalt Hot Sauce today!

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