Monday, March 31, 2008

Greg's Hot 'n Bothered Sauce - Limited Quantity Available!

Newsflash: Today I was able to obtain a small stash of the award-winning Greg's Hot 'n Bothered Sauce from a store that was closing, and all 9 bottles are now available and on sale from the Carolina Sauce Company! Greg's Hot 'n Bothered Sauce is a spicy, slightly sweet and nuttily savory marinade, grilling sauce, stir-fry sauce and general-purpose cooking sauce that won multiple Scovie Awards in 2005, and won the People's Choice Award for unique NC BBQ Sauce in 2004. Like the milder Greg's Happy Sauce, Greg's Hot 'n Bothered Sauce is a masterful blend of garlic, honey, ginger and soy in an olive oil base. There's no vinegar, no tomatoes, no high-fructose corn syrup, no gums or stabilizers (shake the bottle well before use!), just high-quality gourmet ingredients. To create the hot version, three different types of hot peppers were added, giving Greg's Hot 'n Bothered Sauce several complex and lingering layers of heat that stimulate and please the palate while complementing -- not overwhelming -- your food. Originally developed for venison and other game because of its tenderizing properties, Greg's Hot 'n Bothered Sauce is superb as a basting sauce on slow-cooking ribs and other meats, as well as a marinade and grilling sauce for chicken, salmon, and sauce-absorbing veggies like mushrooms and summer squash.

Although Greg's Hot 'n Bothered Sauce had quite a loyal following and had earned many accolades, we decided not to make any more when we sold out last year because the costs of production had gotten too high. I thought the sauce was gone for good, so I was thrilled when I had the opportunity today to buy back the last 9 known bottles. Now you can order Greg's Hot 'n Bothered Sauce, while supplies last! The sauce is currently on sale, and anyone purchasing a bottle will also receive a FREE recipe brochure and "Grilling Tips" flyer. So act now and get a bottle (or more) for yourself, because once this stash of Greg's Hot 'n Bothered Sauce is gone, it really will be gone for good!

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