Thursday, March 6, 2008

More Thank-You Notes from Grateful Troops

I haven't yet had a chance to post the most recent thank you notes on our Operation Sauce Drop Photos & Feedback page, so I thought I'd quickly post a few of them here first, so that our donors could read them and know that they've made a difference by showing their support to troops serving abroad. The gratitude comes from military personnel, as well as from their family members. The following note arrived today, from Chief Warrant Officer 2 A. L.-G., serving in Iraq:

"Thanks you guys for all of your support for the military, it's those gestures like yours that reminds us that you guys are still thinking about us.
thanks again"

From A.A., serving in Europe:

"This is a great gift, much appreciated."

From a repeat donor and Military Mom:

"I am sending you a donation by mail...thank you for all you are doing for our troops! When my son deploys in May I will be sending some sauce his way! Thank You!"

From another Military Mom who signed up her daughter for a gift box:

"Thank you so much for remembering our kids this way. This order is going to my daughter in Japan." She also posted the following Customer Rating on our Carolina Sauce Company Store: "I sent a set of [Carolina Sauce Company] sauces through their free military member program [Operation Sauce Drop] and my son-in-law LOVED the sauces. What a fantastic way to show your support for individual service members. There's another set on its way to my daughter now. EXCELLENT service and products. Thank you!"

To date, our non-profit program Operation Sauce Drop has mailed 148 free gift boxes to US troops serving abroad, thanks to the generosity of 73 donors (including 8 repeat donors). At this time, there are over 100 servicemen and women on a waiting list to receive a free gift box of sauces. The average cost to purchase and ship a gift box is about $20, and this cost is likely to increase when postal rates go up in May. If you'd like to do your part to send a free gift of zesty sauces to our deployed military personnel, please make a donation to Operation Sauce Drop, even if all you can afford is $5. Every little bit (or large donation) will help to ship more free gift boxes and let more of our troops know that we're thinking of them.

Zestfully yours,

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