Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nando's Peri-Peri Products Back in Stock!

Newsflash: All Nando's Peri-Peri products are back in stock at the Carolina Sauce Company online store, after some brief supply issues. That's the good news. The even better news is that we don't anticipate any more supply problems, as Nando's USA now has a new east coast distributor who promises to keep us well-stocked in a timely manner. We are presently filling the customer back-orders that had accumulated, and we have plenty of each of the Nando's peri-peri products for you, too. This includes the spicy Nando's Peri Peri Hot Sauces in original Hot, milder Medium, zesty Garlic, and fiery Extra Hot; the convenient Nando's Peri Peri Grinders in mild Lemon & Herb, Medium, and Hot; the versatile and delicious Nando's Peri Peri Marinades & Grilling Sauces in Lemon & Cilantro, Portuguese BBQ, and Sundried Tomato & Basil; and the mouthwatering and food-friendly Nando's Peri Peri Cooking & Grilling Sauces in Lemon, Coconut Curry, Roasted Red Pepper, and Sweet Apricot.

Although the Peri Peri pepper (also spelled Piri Piri, and also called the Birds-eye Pepper) is known as the hottest African pepper, the beauty of the Nando's products is that they provide just the right amount of peppery firepower blended with other exotic and flavorful ingredients. These sauces and grinders from South Africa are perfect for the person who loves to eat good-tasting, wholesome home-made meals but doesn't always have the time to make everything from scratch. Use them indoors in your kitchen, or outside on your grill - Nando's peri-peri products are a must-have for eaters with good taste!

Zestfully yours,

PS: Don't forget that the Nando's peri-peri grinders were discontinued by Nando's, so eventually we will run out of them. Get'em while you can!

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