Thursday, May 29, 2008

Peppery Grilled Onions

I learned how to grill whole onions this way from the manual & cookbook that came with Greg's Weber gas grill, but instead of using plain salt and pepper, I like the gourmet "steakhouse" flavor I get from the Knox's Cracked Pepper Dry Rub. You can also try other peppery seasoning blends and dry rubs. Sweet onions are ideal in this recipe, especially if you can find smaller (medium-size) ones, but regular white onions will work too. I usually plan on 1 onion per person.

Medium sweet or white onions
Knox's Cracked Pepper Dry Rub
Butter or margarine
Sliced bacon - one slice per onion

Peel the onions, and remove a thin slice from the bottom and the top of each onion. Using a sharp knife, make 4 cuts from top to bottom of each onion about halfway through, and sprinkle with the Knox's Cracked Pepper Dry Rub (or the seasoning of your choice - you can even use plain salt & pepper for a simpler flavor). Place a pat of butter or margarine in the center of each onion. Cut each bacon slice in half and then crisscross two half-slices across the top of each onion. Wrap each onion in heavy foil and place on your preheated grill. Grill over medium heat for about 40 to 50 minutes or until the onions are soft and the bacon is cooked. If you like, you can slightly brown/caramelize the bottoms of the onions by carefully unwrapping the cooked onions and placing directly on the cooking grate for a few more minutes until golden-brown. To serve, place the cooked bacon half-slices in a cross pattern on a plate, place each onion on top of a bacon cross and gently pull or unfold each onion to look like a flower.

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