Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Distillery Bar B Que Sauce & Buffalo Wing Sauces

I had the pleasure of dining at the Distillery Bar & Restaurant back in March while in Rochester NY, and enjoyed their food so much that it only made sense to look into adding their BBQ sauce and wing sauces to the Carolina Sauce Company online store. We were able to close the deal, and I'm pleased to announce that you can now order all three delicious sauces from the Carolina Sauce Company! The Distillery Bar B Que sauce is thick, smoky-sweet and tangy, with a tomato-mustard foundation that's enriched with real ham base and spiced with just a touch of cayenne. At the restaurant, this mouthwatering sauce is slathered on fall-off-the-bone ribs, and also featured on their pulled pork BBQ sandwich. You can now do the same at home, and also stir it into baked beans, use it in your meatloaf recipe, or make BBQ burgers by using it instead of ketchup. This sauce is so tasty that even little kids enjoy it for dipping fries and chicken nuggets.

The wing sauces come in two heat levels: The medium-hot Distillery Original Buffalo Wing Sauce, and the seriously fiery Distillery Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce. Both wing sauces are extremely thick and rich, to the point that you can use them as sandwich spreads -- I made myself a zesty crab & veggie wrap by smearing a piece of flatbread with some of the Original Recipe wing sauce and then adding the chunks of crabmeat and veggies, then pouring a little more sauce on top before rolling the wrap. What makes these sauces so good is that they have that famous Buffalo tang but without the sharp vinegar edge. The Distillery also adds a splash of bbq sauce to their wing sauces, which adds depth of flavor but without turning them into BBQ wing sauces -- the flavor is still authentic Buffalo.

The Distillery Hot Wing Sauce is for folks who are serious about very hot wings, but don't want to compromise on great flavor. This sauce really delivers on both fronts. The heat comes from the jalapeno peppers and guajillo chilis that are added to the traditional cayenne and butter base. You can actually see the little bits of pepper in this rich and creamy hot wing sauce! Because the flavor is so good and the texture is so rich, you can use both of the Distillery Wing Sauces for much more than just chicken wings and sandwiches: Try them in place of tartar sauce with fried fish and seafood, or stirred into mayo-based salads like potato salad or chicken salad or egg salad. Toss them with some lightly breaded and fried shrimp (while the shrimp is still hot) to make Buffalo shrimp, and enjoy that treat either on its own, on top of a green salad, or even with a side of rice.

If you've been lucky enough to eat at The Distillery and wished you could enjoy their sauces at home, or if you've never been and are looking for some outstanding new BBQ and wing sauces, then now's the time to try these new products -- they're currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company!

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PS: Both of the Distillery Buffalo Wing Sauces are very low in carbs, with 0 carbs per serving for the Original Recipe, and only 1 carb per serving for the Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce.

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