Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot Dill Pickle Chips

Tart, crunchy, and packed with fiery flavor, these hot dill pickle chips are made especially for the Carolina Sauce Company using all-natural ingredients including farm-fresh cucumbers from the NC mountains. The heat comes from plenty of red pepper flakes - you can see clearly see them at the bottom of the jar in the photo -- and these spicy pickle chips won't disappoint folks who enjoy hot & spicy foods. They come tightly packed in an old-fashioned 16 oz Mason jar, so you get plenty of pickles for your money. The obvious way to enjoy these hot dill pickle chips is on burgers and in sandwiches or straight from the jar, just as you would ordinary dill chips. And of course they're also good in wraps and salads. But here are some other ways I like to eat them:

*Finely chopped and added to tuna salad or egg salad - I also add a drained half-teaspoon of the red pepper flakes from the jar for added heat

*Coarsely chopped and stirred into mayonnaise for a simple and spicy alternative to tartar sauce -- sometimes I also add a little grated Parmesan cheese and mustard for added depth of flavor

*With sliced cheese on crackers as a quick zesty snack

*On a toasted bagel with cream cheese -- because plain cream cheese is sometimes too boring!

And for any of you pregnant readers out there, I assume you can enjoy these hot pickle chips with ice cream...

Zestfully yours,

PS: Our hot dill chips are currently on sale as part of the Carolina Sauce Company's Independence Day Sale, so order them today for your 4th of July cookout or picnic!

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