Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot Pickled Garlic

These fiery hot pickled garlic cloves come from a small family farm in the North Carolina mountains and are made especially for the Carolina Sauce Company using all-natural ingredients. Packed in an old-fashioned 16 oz Mason jar that includes a couple of whole pickled hot peppers along with a generous bunch of garlic cloves, this zesty and pungent pickle is perfect for snacking straight from the jar, or for using in any recipe that calls for garlic (and could use a bit of heat). You can chop, mince or slice the hot pickled garlic cloves just as you would fresh garlic for recipes, salads, soups, chili, pasta and more. And of course you can also cook with and eat the pickled jalapeno and habanero peppers in the jar! Here are some ways I enjoy hot pickled garlic:

*Sliced paper-thin for use as a pizza topping

*Coarsely chopped together with the pickled hot peppers for use in chili

*Minced and mixed into raw ground beef for hamburgers, meatballs, meatloaf and other ground meat recipes

*Chopped with sun-dried tomatoes, parsley and olive oil, then tossed with cooked spaghetti or other pasta

*Sliced for use in sandwiches

*Whole, with olives and other pickles on a party relish tray

Best of all, the Carolina Sauce Company's hot pickled garlic is currently on sale!

Zestfully yours,

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