Monday, August 16, 2010

Bad Byron's Jubilee Seafood Seasoning

Bad Byron's Jubilee Seafood Seasoning comes to us from Beaumont TX and is named after the rare "jubilee" phenomenon that occurs along the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. During a jubilee, large numbers of crabs, shrimp, flounder and other fish leave deeper waters and swim along the coastline, where they can be easily harvested. When local folks spot this happening, joyful shouts of "Jubilee!" go out and the bounty is gathered. Spontaneous beach parties and cookouts take place into the wee hours of the morning, and the mouthwatering aromas of grilling fill the air for hours.

Bad Byron's Jubilee Seafood Seasoning captures the zesty flavors of a Gulf South Jubilee celebration and lets you enjoy them anytime at home. Developed especially for seasoning seafood for the grill, you can also add Jubilee seasoning to cornmeal, cracker meal or other seafood breading, and it's even good as a seasoning for fried chicken breading. If you prefer to broil, saute or pan-fry your fish and seafood, you can simply sprinkle on some Jubilee Seasoning prior to cooking. Add this mildly spicy, savory spice blend to the filling for deviled crabs or deviled eggs for delicious results. You can buy Bad Byron's Jubilee Seafood Seasoning online from the Carolina Sauce Company, where it's currently on sale!

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