Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Troops Say "Thanks for the Sauce!"

Operation Sauce Drop is our nonprofit program that sends free gift boxes of hot sauce, BBQ sauce, salsa & more to US troops serving overseas. To date, Operation Sauce Drop has shipped out over 900 gift boxes -- and the program has become a huge hit with our troops, as you can see from the many thank-you notes and photos that they've sent. If you haven't visited the Operation Sauce Drop Feedback & Photos page in a while, please check it out and see the newest photos and thank-you notes in which our troops express their gratitude for receiving a little taste of home.

Operation Sauce Drop is made possible by donations from regular folks like you, as well as through the Shop to Support Operation Sauce Drop where a portion of the proceeds from each product sold goes straight into OSD. The average cost to send a free gift box of sauce to a deployed serviceman or woman is currently around $25. One hundred percent of all donations received are used only to pay for the cost of the sauces & gift boxes and the cost of shipping. Furthermore, the Carolina Sauce Company donates the labor involved in running the program and contributes a portion of the costs for each gift box. If you would like to send a free gift box of sauce to a member of our armed forces serving far from home, and bring a smile to his or her face, please donate to Operation Sauce Drop or shop to support OSD. Our troops will thank you for your kindness!

Zestfully yours,

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