Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peach Coupon is Good on Gift Boxes

Earlier this week I posted a special coupon for National Peach Month, good for 10% off all peach sauces, salsas and chutneys available online from the Carolina Sauce Company. However, I neglected to include our peach gift boxes as part of this special coupon sale - so sorry about the oversight! The special coupon code, Peach2010, is now also good for 10% off all of our peach gift boxes, which include:

Thomas Peach Chutney Gift Box featuring 2 jars of zesty Thomas Gourmet Peach Chutney

Peach & Vidalia Onion Salsa Gift Box featuring 2 jars of flavorful Peppers Peach & Vidalia Onion Salsa

Mrs. Picky Fanicky's Marmalade & Chutney Gift Boxes, featuring 2 jars of your choice of Mrs. Picky Fanicky's award-winning North Carolina Chutney and Peach Cocktail MmmMarmalade (you can mix & match, or choose 2 of the same)

Simply enter the coupon code Peach2010 on the billing page of the online order system (or mention the coupon if ordering by phone) to get 10% off all peach products in your order including our peach gift boxes, good through August 31st.

Zestfully yours,

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