Monday, August 2, 2010

July's Top 10 Best-Selling Products at Carolina Sauce

July was an interesting month, with some big shake-ups on several of our best-seller lists as well in our list of Top Ten best-selling products across all product categories at the Carolina Sauce Company. We're still in the process of updating the specific product category lists to reflect July's statistics, but in the meantime here's the list of the over-all top 10 best-sellers:

1. Buderim Ginger Bears was our best-selling product last month, making a dramatic re-entry onto our overall top 10 list after missing the cut in June. These grown-up gummy bears are made in Australia using real ginger, and have a zippy bite that's quite addictive.

2. Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning moved up to 2nd place in July. This is an authentic, intensely aromatic and spicy jerk paste or wet rub from Jamaica, and consistently one of our top selling jerk products.

3. Castle Sauce slipped down from 1st to 3rd last month, but was still our best-selling North Carolina product. Made in Greensboro, this old-fashioned mustard-tomato burger and steak sauce has a mouthwatering flavor with a bit of a kick, and is a favorite of young and old alike.

4. Wells Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce is a genuine eastern NC barbecue sauce made with vinegar, pepper and other savory spices. There's no tomato in this tangy sauce, and it's perfect for eastern Carolina pork BBQ and also as a marinade for chicken.

5. Scott's BBQ Sauce is another genuine eastern NC vinegar-based barbeque sauce with no tomatoes. What sets it apart from the Wells sauce is that Scott's is fiery-hot, with a hefty helping of red pepper to really spice things up. Scott's is a favorite of fans of low-carb diets and can be used as a marinade as well as a hot sauce for cooked greens & veggies, fish, meats, poultry and more.

6. Outta the Park BBQ Sauce returned to our top 10 best-sellers list last month. Made with all-natural ingredients including organic ketchup, this is a thick, tomato barbecue sauce with a peppery finish and is fabulous on all sorts of grilled foods as well as in meatloaf and other recipes.

7. Capsicana Zing Gourmet Sauce is a zesty spice sauce that's subtly sweet and gently spicy (not hot), making it an ideal table sauce for the entire family -- and it comes with FREE recipes!

8. Scorned Woman Hot Sauce is a classic all-purpose vinegar-based hot sauce that's made with several different types of pepper and adds fiery heat to any savory dish without changing or masking its flavor.

9. George's Original BBQ Sauce is an eastern NC BBQ Sauce that adds apples and just a touch of tomato to soften the vinegar tartness with just a hint of natural sweetness. Wonderful with Carolina pork barbecue and as a marinade, George's BBQ Sauce also comes with FREE recipes!

10. Walkerswood Marinade completes our list of July's best-selling products. This authentic Jamaican jerk marinade makes cooking traditional Jamaican recipes a cinch.

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