Thursday, October 14, 2010

Carolina Sauce Newsletter: Trick or Treat for Free Sauces & Seasonings!

Who said trick or treating was just for kids? It's time for our annual Halloween giveaway, when grown-ups can trick or treat for FREE sauce gifts, and we're being more generous than ever! Simply place an order with the Carolina Sauce Company in any amount, now through Halloween (October 31st), and enter the words "Trick or Treat" in the comment section of the online order form, and we'll send you at least two (2) FREE samples of sauces or seasonings! Every order is guaranteed at least 2 free mini-samples (we choose your free gifts), but the bigger your order, the more different free samples you'll get:

*Get 2 different free mini-samples for orders of $20 or less in products
*Get 3 different free mini-samples for orders of over $20 in products
*Get 4 different free mini-samples for orders of over $30 in products
*Get 5 different free mini-samples for orders of over $40 in products
*Get 1 FULL-SIZE free sample AND 5 different free mini-samples for orders of over $50 in products
*Get 2 FULL-SIZE free samples AND 5 different free mini-samples for orders of over $75 in products
*Get 3 FULL-SIZE free samples AND 5 different free mini-samples for orders of over $100 in products

(Note: If your order is a gift to be shipped to a different person, please specify if you want the gift recipient to receive the free sample(s), OR if you want us to email you a special coupon so that you can receive the free sample(s) the next time you place an order to be shipped to yourself)

Just remember to include the words "Trick or Treat" in the comment section of your online order (or say "trick or treat" when ordering by phone) between now and October 31st. If you don't say "Trick or Treat", we won't know to send your free sauce, so don't forget! And don't delay -- this special ends at midnight on Halloween, October 31st.

To help you get in the Halloween spirit, our Scary Sauces Gift Set is frightfully hot, and the bottles look pretty scary too! Say "trick or treat" with your order and you'll get 4 free mini-samples just for ordering this gift set! We also have several different varieties of Blair's Death Sauces each with the famous skull keychain, plus Black Widow Hot Sauce with a realistic plastic spider stuck on the bottle, You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce with a creepy demon on the label, Black Mamba Venomous Hot Sauce and Venom Xtreme Hot Sauce with terrifying snakes on the label, and Satan's Blood Hot Sauce in a vial that might have come from a witch's workshop, plus Dave's Insanity Ghost Pepper Sauce...

October Recipe: Spicy Sausage & Sweet Potato Balls

Here's an easy, crowd-pleasing appetizer or snack for your next tailgate or sports-watching party: Spicy Sausage & Sweet Potato Balls!

Preheat oven to 350F degrees. In a large bowl mix together 3 cups of Bisquick, 2 cups of cooked & mashed sweet potatoes, 1 cup of shredded cheddar or pepperjack cheese, 1 lb raw bulk sausage, and several dashes of your favorite hot sauce or spice sauce such as Zing Gourmet Sauce. Roll into golf ball size balls and place on a greased cookie sheet or baking pan. Bake in the oven at 350F degrees for 30 to 40 minutes or until thoroughly cooked.

Gluten-Free Products at Carolina Sauce!

If you or someone you know is on a gluten-free diet, I have great news: The Carolina Sauce Company is now your one-stop source for delicious gluten-free barbecue sauce, feisty gluten-free hot sauce, zesty gluten-free seasonings, flavor-packed gluten-free salsas and condiments, and more. For your convenience, we've assembled a page where you can see all the different Gluten-Free Products we offer in our online store. We'll keep adding to our selection of zesty gluten-free sauces and seasonings, so keep checking back for new arrivals.

Latest New Products

Check out these zesty new sauces, ranging from mild to wild and all ON SALE:

*Pickapeppa Brown Sauce: This is THE original Pickapeppa Sauce! Fabulous as a savory steak sauce and all-purpose table condiment, the rich & robust flavors compliment everything from meat to chicken to seafood to even Bloody Marys.

*Big Bob Gibson Championship Red BBQ Sauce: Winner of multiple international barbecue competitions, this KC-style savory-sweet sauce from Alabama is mouthwatering on ribs and other meat as well as chicken and grilled veggies.

*Bailey Farms Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce: No, it's not chocolate-flavored. This award-winning hot sauce from NC is made with the brown Chocolate Habanero pepper, which is the hottest habanero variety. Packed with flavor and fiery heat, this all-natural zero-carb hot sauce will please chileheads who crave a really hot hot sauce that tastes good.

*Xtreme Hot Sauce: True to its name, this one is SUPER hot. If you love garlic and can handle extreme heat, this Caribbean-style all-natural habanero hot sauce is for you. The flask bottle and stark label add to its "bad boy" appeal, making Xtreme Hot Sauce a great gift, too.

Operation Sauce Drop Closes In On 1,000!

Operation Sauce Drop is our non-profit program that sends free gift boxes of sauce to US military personnel stationed abroad. To date, we've shipped over 990 free gift boxes to our deployed military, at absolutely NO cost to them. The troops greatly appreciate the free sauces, as you can see from their thank-you notes & photos. Our cost to purchase and ship each free gift box generally runs from $20 to $25, and 100% of all donations received are used SOLELY to pay for the cost of the sauces & shipping. Want to send a soldier a taste of home for the holidays? Then please donate to Operation Sauce Drop. You can also shop to support Operation Sauce Drop, where some or all of the purchase price of the products goes straight into Operation Sauce Drop (you get the products you order, and the money you pay is used to send free sauce to the troops). Our troops will thank you for your support!

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