Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Scorned Woman Mustard

I was dismayed to learn today that Scorned Woman Mustard has been discontinued by the manufacturer. What a shame, as this was one of my favorite mustards and also one of the best-selling mustards at the Carolina Sauce Company. Its thick texture featured little bits of garlic, onion and pepper, providing for a pleasingly interesting mouthfeel, and the flavor was classic dijon with complementary herbs and spices plus a fiery chile pepper wallop. Alas, I won't have another chance to slather it on sandwiches or sausage now that it's gone for good and I finished my last jar several days ago....

Although there's no other mustard that tastes just like Scorned Woman mustard, another one of my favorites comes close, Trolly Stop Hot Mustard from Wilmington NC. This one also has a thick, rich texture with a dijon base and interestingly complex layers of flavor which include a subtle hint of sweetness and smoke, neither of which asserts itself but rather adds depth and dimension. The heat level is comparable, so if you enjoyed the spiciness of Scorned Woman mustard, I think you'll be pleased with the Trolly Stop mustard -- and no, that's not a typo on my part. The product is actually called "Trolly Stop", not "trolley".

Since Scorned Woman Mustard is no longer available, we've reduced the price of our popular Scorned Woman Gift Set, which features the remaining Scorned Woman products including the 3 different hot sauces, the salsa, BBQ Sauce and wing sauce. And we've replaced the Scorned Woman Mustard with the aforementioned Trolly Stop Mustard Sauce in our Mustard Lover's Gift Set. I hope to have new photos of both of these gift sets posted on the Carolina Sauce online store in the near future.

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