Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pig Pen's Hot & Spicy Seasoning Wins 1st Place Scovie Award!

The winners of the 2011 Scovie Awards have been announced, and North Carolina's very own Pig Pen's Seasonings has come home with a First Place award! Pig Pen's Hot & Spicy Seasoning from Salisbury NC won the top prize in the "Meat Required - All-Purpose Dry Rub/Seasoning" category. Made with the same secret blend of spices as the original Pig Pen's Seasoning plus a whole bunch of ground habanero pepper, this fiery-hot dry rub packs a powerful wallop of flavor and heat. If you enjoy fiery foods, this is the all-purpose seasoning and BBQ dry rub for you! Use it on anything you're going to smoke or grill, including pork butt, ribs and other meat, venison and other game, and even chicken (I use a little less on poultry). If you're really brave, you can use Pig Pen's Hot & Spicy Seasoning to add savory-sweet flavor and habanero fire to French fries, veggies and even popcorn. Mix a little into raw ground meat to make spicy hamburgers, or add it to your chili or baked beans recipe for a zesty kick. Just make sure you start with a little first, because you can always add more and this baby is HOT so you don't want to add too much.

Pig Pen's Hot & Spicy Seasoning is currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company online store, so now's the time to try this award-winning barbecue rub and seasoning!

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