Friday, January 13, 2012

Introducing The Shizzle Jerk Marinade!

Fans of authentic Jamaican jerk flavor and heat rejoice:  The Carolina Sauce Company now offers The Shizzle Jerk Marinade, available in the spicy-hot Original recipe and the FIERY Voodoo Hot version!  Lovingly made in small batches using all-natural ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup, MSG, artificial preservatives or colors, The Shizzle calls North Carolina home but its roots are planted firmly in Jamaica.  Traditional Jamaican jerk herbs and spices are specially blended with habanero peppers for an intensely aromatic flavor that rivals that of any jerk products made in Jamaica.  But what makes The Shizzle stand out from the competition is their brilliant use of pineapple mash as the primary ingredient to create a naturally sweet and spicy sauce that becomes perfectly caramelized and crispy when cooked slowly on the grill or in the oven.  I suspect it's also the pineapple mash that helps this marinade penetrate even the toughest cuts of meat to infuse mouthwatering jerk flavor throughout.

This is no watery or vinegary marinade:  The Shizzle is thick and substantial, allowing you to use it as a wet rub or paste that will coat the surface of whatever you marinate in it.  The bright tropical flavor is excellent with everything from beef, pork, lamb, goat and venison to chicken, turkey and game birds, to even fish and shrimp (marinate no more than an hour for seafood), portobello mushrooms and summer squash.  The pineapple doesn't assert itself but rather provides a subtle sweetness and keeps this jerk from tasting overly salty like some commercial brands.  

Yes, the Original Shizzle is pretty hot, like any self-respecting Jamaican jerk seasoning or sauce should be, so you might find it too hot if you don't care for spicy foods or have a very sensitive palate (I consider it about a medium in heat, which by North Carolina standards is probably a hot).  On the other hand, if you're from Jamaica or you enjoy the serious fiery heat of real (not Americanized) Jamaican jerk, then The Shizzle Voodoo Hot! Jerk Marinade is for you.  This version begins with the original recipe but adds about three times as much habanero pepper for a burn that's comparable to what you'll find in "old" Jamaica (as opposed to tourist areas).  The Shizzle's rich and complex flavors still shine through the revved-up heat, however, for an invigorating and deeply satisfying dining experience.

You can buy The Shizzle Jerk Sauce from our North Carolina Products page, where you'll find other great-tasting foods from NC ranging from traditional North Carolina BBQ sauces and pork products to unique hot sauces and condiments all made in North Carolina.  You can also order The Shizzle from our New Products page, where you'll find plenty of other new arrivals for 2012.

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