Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Source is Back in Stock!

After a prolonged absence, I'm pleased to report that The Source is finally back in stock again at the Carolina Sauces online store!  The warehouse notified me this morning that they currently have just over 200 bottles of The Source, and they're ready to ship.

The Source is by far the hottest item we sell here at the Carolina Sauce Company, and is widely considered the hottest hot sauce on the market.  Made exclusively from natural chile (Capsaiacin) extracts and rating an astronomical 7.1 million SHU on the Scoville heat scale, The Source is most definitely NOT to be consumed without dilution.  In fact, it's properly categorized as a "food additive" rather than a hot sauce because it must not be used directly on prepared food.  Rather, the safe way to use The Source is by the micro-droplet as an ingredient, and it's wise to wear plastic gloves and eye protection when handling it.  Needless to say, a little goes a long way--and a single bottle is most likely a lifetime's supply, unless of course you're using it to manufacture gallons of your own hot sauce or other fiery concoction in large volumes!

Because of its unmatched potency and its unique, display-quality packaging, The Source is a popular and coveted gift item for serious hot sauce collectors, chileheads and fiery-foods fanatics.  It's also guaranteed to be a conversation starter with guests.  Produced in limited quantities and not always available, don't miss this opportunity to buy The Source while it's currently on sale, because once the warehouse runs out again, there's no telling when more will be available.

Zestfully yours,

PS:  If you're interested in ultra-hot hot sauces, make sure to check out our selection of Hottest Hot Sauces and of Pepper Extracts, all currently on sale.

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