Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ole Ray's Classic Gold BBQ Sauce

Golden yellow, mustard based barbecue sauce is popular throughout South Carolina, in the North Carolina low country, in Florida and other parts of the South.  Ole Ray's Classic Gold Barbeque & Cooking Sauce is made in that South Carolina tradition with mustard as its main ingredient, brown sugar and honey added for a touch of sweetness, cider vinegar and lemon juice for tang, and some Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce for savory spice.  Thin enough to use on Carolina style pulled pork barbecue but with enough body for basting and slathering, this mustard BBQ sauce is excellent on any type of pork:  Ribs, chops, roasts, sausages, loin and of course pork butt.  It's also quite good as a marinade and cooking sauce for chicken, shrimp and even fish, plus you can use it with all sorts of kabobs, on hot dogs and on burgers.

Ole Ray's Classic Gold Barbecue Sauce is not only for the grill:  It's a natural as a pretzel dip, and also adds zesty mustard flavor to your favorite ground meat recipes, from hamburgers to sloppy joes to meatloaf, chili and even meatballs.  Add a splash to baked beans and stews to brighten up the flavor, or try your hand at making a robust salad or veggie dressing by whisking in a little olive oil and honey.  Some folks even use it as a ham glaze.  And because it's not spicy-hot but rather full-flavored, the whole family can enjoy this mustard barbecue sauce.  Get a bottle today while it's on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company online store!

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