Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pappy's BBQ Sauces Available at Carolina Sauce Company!

We're continuing our promise to add new barbecue sauces to the Carolina Sauces online store in 2012, and among the newest arrivals are four flavors of Pappy's BBQ Sauces from Kentucky!  The mildest of the bunch is aptly named "Pappy's Sauce for Sissies," and the label describes it as "good for babies, brats and bikers"--the latter because even tough guys (and gals) occasionally need a break from the heat.  True to the Kentucky BBQ style, all four varieties of Pappy's Sauces are made with a savory tomato base that has a hint of sweetness and smoke, with varying degrees of spice.  Pappy's Sauce for Sissies is definitely mild with no discernible heat, but it's big on classic tomato BBQ flavor that's sure to be a hit with the entire family.  Unlike the other three varieties, Pappy's Sauce for Sissies also doesn't list bourbon as one of its ingredients, in case that's a concern.

If you prefer a barbecue sauce with more spunk, choose Pappy's XXX White Lightnin' BBQ Sauce (don't worry, the XXX is a reference to moonshine, not a dirty label!), which is about a medium on the heat scale.  In other words, it's got enough peppery sass to be noticed, but not so much that your mouth will burn or your food be overwhelmed.  The flavor profile is very similar to Pappy's Sauce for Sissies, but Pappy's XXX White Lightnin' Sauce adds a splash of real Kentucky bourbon for some deeper, earthier notes that make this sauce an excellent choice for any sorts of meat as well as grilled chicken.

If you enjoy hotter barbeque sauces that pack a seriously hot fiery punch, Pappy's Moonshine Madness will not disappoint.  Pappy's has taken its XXX White Lightnin' Barbecue Sauce and upped the ante (and the heat) by increasing the amount of hot peppers and adding a spike of capsicum oil (pepper extract), for a medium-hot heat that's about an 8 on a 10 point scale.  If you don't care for spicy foods, Pappy's Moonshine Madness is not for you.  But for chileheads who want a great-tasting tomato-based barbecue sauce that's plenty hot and not too sweet, Pappy's Moonshine Madness BBQ Sauce is an excellent choice.

If you're a glutton for peppery punishment with an iron-clad stomach and Teflon-lined mouth, Pappy's Hottest Ride in Town BBQ Sauce just might float your boat.  This baby is a solid 10 on a 10-point heat scale, making the most out of the hefty dose of habaneros and capsicum oil (Capsaiacin extract).  Folks who enjoy ultra-hot hot sauces say that Pappy's Hottest Ride in Town is not only really hot but also delivers a surprisingly delicious flavor, just like the rest of the Pappy's BBQ sauce line.  So if you're an experienced fiery-foods fanatic and want a rich and tasty Kentucky-style barbecue sauce for burgers, ribs and other meat that will really burn while satisfying your taste buds, Pappy's Hottest Ride in Town is the sauce for you.

All four varieties of Pappy's barbecue sauces are currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company, so stock up now!

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PS:  Make sure to keep checking our New Products page, because we'll be adding even more sauces, seasonings and condiments on a pretty regular basis!

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