Thursday, January 26, 2012

KY Bourbon + BBQ Sauce = YUM!

Kentucky is well-known for its smooth bourbon (as well as its moonshine history), so it should come as no surprise that some folks in KY like to add a splash of bourbon to their barbecue sauce recipe.  The bourbon adds a depth of flavor with hints of caramel and wood, helping to tame any vinegar tang and balance the bright sweetness of tomatoes.  Two excellent examples of Kentucky BBQ sauces laced with bourbon are among our new products at the Carolina Sauces online store:

Ole Ray's Kentucky Red Bourbon Barbeque Sauce is a classic KY style sauce blending tomatoes, cider vinegar, mustard and bourbon for a rich sauce that's substantial enough to slather on ribs, chicken, pork chops or loin, shrimp kabobs, and pretty much anything else you grill.  A little bit sweet and a little bit sassy, the hint of pepper is just enough to wake up the flavors without adding any real heat--which makes this sauce perfect for enjoying at the table, too.  In fact, kids as well as adults love to dip chicken fingers, fries, mozzarella sticks and other finger food in this sauce (don't worry, there's not enough bourbon in it to get anyone drunk).  You can also make a mouthwatering marinade or mopping sauce by mixing equal amounts of this BBQ sauce with apple cider vinegar, and then using it for steaks, portobello mushrooms, and even grilled tuna steaks.  Use it straight from the bottle in your favorite recipes for chili, sloppy joes, meatloaf and burgers to boost the flavor.

If you prefer a mustard-based BBQ sauce, you can't go wrong with Ole Ray's Kentucky Gold Bourbon Barbeque Sauce.  This is a classic South Carolina style mustard barbecue sauce that's enhanced with a little KY bourbon to add a subtle earthy mellowness that's signature Kentucky.  The flavor is spicy-sweet with a nice peppery bite that's definitely hotter than Ole Ray's KY Red Bourbon BBQ Sauce, but not so hot that it will burn you out.  Ole Ray's KY Gold Bourbon BBQ Sauce is terrific with ribs and other meats, but I think it's especially nice with chicken, game birds like quail or duck, and even seafood like tuna or salmon steaks on the grill.  It's also excellent with sausage, and you can make a tangy steak marinade by mixing 2 parts of this sauce with 1 part of apple cider vinegar.  Try it as a zesty dip for pretzels or raw veggies like cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli and carrots.  Add some of this sauce to your deviled eggs recipe or to tuna salad, egg salad or slaw to take the flavor to new heights.

Both of these Kentucky Bourbon BBQ sauces are currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company.

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