Thursday, February 27, 2014

Best-Selling Smoker Woods & BBQ Grill Accessories for 2013

Onward Grill Pro 00200 Mesquite Wood ChipsThe calendar might still say winter and the thermometer reading may be hovering around freezing, but that doesn't stop hard-core BBQ enthusiasts from firing up their grills and barbecue smokers. For those of you who aren't cooking outdoors until the weather warms up, now is the time to check on the condition of your grilling & BBQ tools and accessories, and to stock up on wood chips, grilling planks and other supplies you'll need for barbecue season.

Before you spend any money, however, I recommend you start by checking out the top 5 best-selling grill accessories and smoker supplies for 2013 at the Carolina Sauce Company:

1. Grill Pro Mesquite Wood Chips are properly aged chips of genuine mesquite wood, the smoker wood of choice when you want to give your smoked brisket, beef ribs, chicken or other meats that authentic, robust southwestern flavor. When only Texas style barbecue will do, or when you want to experience the "big daddy" of smoked flavor, choose mesquite! Mesquite chips are also great for grilling hamburgers, lamb, pork and even venison - just be careful not to overdo it with milder meats and poultry, because mesquite smoke is strong stuff. Grill Pro Mesquite Chips come in resealable bags holding 170 cubic inches of real mesquite wood chips.

2. Grill Pro Cherry Smoker Chips will infuse your meats and poultry with delightfully bright, fruity notes of real cherry wood. Fruit woods like cherry are often the pro's choice with venison and other game meats, and cherry wood chips also add wonderfully mellow, medium-smoke flavor to pork loin, ribs, chicken, lamb and anything else you choose to grill or smoke. As with the mesquite wood chips, Grill Pro Cherry Wood Chips come in resealable bags holding 170 cubic inches of real cherry wood.

Nature's Cuisine NC010 14 x 5.5 Cedar, Alder, Maple, & Hickory Grilling Planks, 4 Count
3. Assorted Grilling Planks 4-Pack: Plank grilling is a simple and convenient way to add subtle wood flavor to fish and seafood, chicken, leaner meats, and vegetables. Very popular in the Pacific Northwest (e.g., cedar plank grilled salmon), cooking on wood planks is catching on throughout the country as a healthier cooking method (you use less oil or fat) -- which no doubt explains why this four-pack of assorted wooden planks for grilling was our 3rd-best selling BBQ accessory. The pack comes with four 14" x 5.5" planks, one each of Cedar, Alder, Maple & Hickory, plus instructions and recipes.

4. Smokehouse Alder Grilling Planks:  Grilling on a plank of alder wood imparts your food with a magnificent combination of robust but not overpowering smoke flavor plus light and mellow notes of vanilla that add a subtle natural sweetness. These planks are made from 100% natural Pacific Northwest Alder wood, which is hard to find in other parts of the country. Alder wood is ideal for poultry and game birds, pork (leaner cuts like loin), vegetables and fish.

5. GrillGrates are an award-winning, raised-ridge, nonstick interlocking grilling surface that fits on virtually any grill for picture-perfect, tastebud-tantalizing grilled food every time. GrillGrates amplify any heat source to facilitate infrared grilling, block flare-ups while retaining juices, even out grilling temperatures to prevent hot spots, and give you those attractive sear marks that are otherwise elusive for most grillers except the pros. They make an ideal Father's Day gift or any other occasion gift for anyone who loves to cook on their BBQ grill. Find the right GrillGrate for your grill when you click here.

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