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Top 10 Best-Selling Sauce Gifts for 2013

4-compartment hot sauce gift box
If you haven't yet bought a Valentine's Day Gift for a barbecue lover or hot sauce fanatic, here are some excellent gift ideas from the Carolina Sauce Company. In fact, these are the ten most popular sauce gifts for 2013, and each of them is perfect for Valentine's Day or any other gift-giving occasion.

1. Design-Your-Own Hot Sauce Gift Box: This sturdy white cardboard box comes ready to fold into shape and to fill with four separately-purchased hot sauce bottles (4oz or 5oz) of your choice to make a unique, personalized hot sauce for your Valentine or any other lucky hot sauce lover. You can decorate the box with a label or stickers, or write on it, or paint it, etc.

2. Matouk's Hot Sauce Gift Set comes with 4 full-size bottles of the most popular flavors of Matouk's hot sauce: The fruity Matouk's West Indian, the zesty Matouk's Calypso, the savory-hot Matouk's Salsa Picante, and the intensely fiery Matouk's Flambeau. It's a great way to experience these thick, rich and fabulously flavorful Caribbean hot sauces all at once at a bargain price -- or to introduce someone to the wonderful world of West Indian hot sauces.

Semper Fi Marine Corps Hot Sauce
3. NC BBQ Sauce Gift Set, Mild: Anyone who appreciates genuine North Carolina barbecue sauce in all its tangy glory will rejoice (and salivate) upon receiving this BBQ sauce gift featuring full-size bottles of Wells Hog Heaven representing eastern NC, the original Bone Suckin' Sauce representing western NC, JohnBoy & Billy's Original Grillin' Sauce representing down-east mustard BBQ sauces, and a package of all-natural Bone Suckin' Beef Jerky made from real American beef and seasoned with Bone Suckin' flavor.

4. Semper Fi Marine Corps Hot Sauce: "OORAH!" This fiery, all-natural habanero hot sauce is made from the finest ingredients and comes to us from Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Proudly displaying the emblem and motto of the US Marine Corps on its elegant gold foil label, Semper Fi Hot Sauce pays tribute to the brave men and women who serve and have served in the Marines, and is a unique gift for your favorite Marine.

Capsaicin Crystals Kit
5. 16 Million SHU Pure Capsaicin Crystals Kit: This hot sauce gift looks like something dangerous from a chemistry lab -- and with good reason! The crystals are pure pepper extract in crystallized form, the hottest capsaicin substance known to man (or woman). They'll burn exposed skin, which is why the crystals come in a sealed vial that's packed in an aluminum waterproof carrying case. The kit also includes laboratory-style tweezer forceps and chemical-resistant non-latex gloves for safely handling the crystals, plus a surgical-grade non-latex face mask to keep you from breathing the searing fumes if you decide to cook up some ultra-hot homemade sauces using the crystals. This is the ultimate gift for a heat-craving "mad scientist."

Fifty Shades of Gray Hot Sauces
6. Fifty Shades of Red Hot Sauces are a salaciously saucy gift for any fan of the "Fifty Shades of Gray" books. The label features a fiery chili pepper seductively dangled before a waiting open mouth, clearly a play on the iconic image on the book cover. The hot sauces come in two flavors: Red Cayenne and Hotter Habanero. Although the sauces themselves are quite tasty and satisfyingly spicy-hot when enjoyed on food, there may be "other" unconventional ways to enjoy them if you're open to adventure and playing with fire....

7. Blair's 3AM Reserved Extract, Signed Limited Edition is an eye-catching, conversation-starting collector's item coveted by chileheads who enjoy displaying their most prized possessions. The elegant, hand-crafted glass bottle is reminiscent of those used for expensive liqueurs or fine perfumes, and each bottle is sealed with molten Italian resins for an antique "wax seal" look. The famous Blair's skull sits like a crown at the top, and each bottle is hand-signed before being carefully packed in its own gift display box for a truly impressive and memorable gift.

Blair's 3am Collector's Edition Hot Sauce
8. Dave's Insanity 2013 Private Reserve Sauce is the hottest Private Reserve Insanity Sauce issued by Dave's Gourmet to date. Each year's limited-edition release has been 3 times hotter than the original Insanity Sauce, and the 2013 edition raised the stakes by using specially selected ghost peppers along with capsaicin extract and jalapeno puree. As always, Dave's Private Reserve comes in a wooden coffin sealed with yellow "caution tape," and each bottle is numbered and hand-signed by Dave himself.

9. BBQ & Grilling Gift Baskets proved very popular with barbecue aficionados and outdoor chefs who enjoy firing up the smoker or grill. The "baskets" are actually reusable galvanized buckets that come packed with a bountiful selection of award-winning barbeque sauces, seasonings & rubs, grilling accessories & tools, and popular grilling, BBQ & smoker cookbooks. Once empty, you can use the buckets to hold hot ashes, or fill with ice to chill your favorite beverages.

Hot Sauce of the Month Club
10. Hot Sauce of the Month Clubs are gifts that keep on giving, ensuring that the lucky recipient will never have to settle for boring, bland food. Available in 6-month and 12-month subscriptions, each shipment comes with a specially-chosen bottle of hot sauce selected from award-winners, best-sellers and hottest hot sauces.

If you need more ideas for a Valentine gift, simply browse through our Sauce Gifts at the Carolina Sauces online store, or check out our Gourmet Gift Baskets (we even offer bacon gifts through our partner Bacon Freak). We also have Gift Certificates for everything from sauces and condiments to fresh seafood and, of course, bacon.

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