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Top 10 Best-Selling BBQ Rubs & Seasonings for 2013

Bone Suckin' Seasoning Rub
Whether you're smoking a rack of Memphis style dry ribs or a Texas brisket, grilling some chicken or putting a roast in the oven, seasoning a steak or adding a dash of savory flavor to French fries, spicing up a stew or sprinkling a touch of zestiness on vegetables.... our list of best-selling rubs and seasonings is a great place to find the right spice blend to wake up your food and tantalize your taste buds. Just click on any product name below to place your order on the Carolina Sauces website or for more information about that product:

1. Bone Suckin' Rib Rub is our best-selling barbecue dry rub, and it's proudly made in North Carolina using only the finest natural ingredients. It's gluten-free, has no MSG, and it's Kosher, too! But just as importantly, it tastes great with a sassy, slightly spicy balance of savory and sweet notes from brown sugar, paprika, garlic, onion, chiles and more.

2. Bad Byron's Butt Rub is a Texas style BBQ rub that's savory, not sweet (it's sugar-free and has no carbohydrates). Equally delicious on any cut of beef or pork, it's an excellent choice when smoking low and slow, or when grilling on high heat, because it won't burn like sugary rubs will. Butt Rub is also great with chicken, shrimp, vegetables and fish. If you can't get enough of Bad Byron's, you'll be thrilled to know that we also offer this zesty dry rub in 24oz containers.

3. Dave's Chile Today Hot Smoked Habanero Powder is fiery-hot and richly earthy with deep, smoky flavor like chipotle but with the stronger heat and unmistakably bright, citrus-like notes that are common to habanero peppers. You can use this ground habanero powder in any recipe calling for a ground dried chili powder if you want to bump up the heat level and add a touch of smokiness.

Stubbs Bar-B-Q Spice Rub
4. Stubb's BBQ Spice Rub is made in Texas by one of the most famous names in Texas barbecue. Enticingly savory with just the right balance of peppery heat and earthy smoke, it's all-natural and has no sugar. Ideal for all types of beef including brisket, ribs, roasts, steaks and burgers, it also pairs well with poultry, pork and game meats like venison.

5. Habanero Seasoning From Hell is a seriously hot and fiendishly flavorful blend of habaneros and other fiery chilies, plus a secret blend of savory spices along with garlic and onion. This dry rub and all-purpose seasoning stands out from the crowd not only because of its heat and flavor, but because it has no sugar and also no salt! If you're on a low-sodium or salt-restricted diet and need a no-sodium seasoning blend for barbecue and other cooking or for use at the table, this is the one for you (assuming you enjoy hot and spicy foods).

Dave's Habanero Powder
6. Dave's Chile Today Extra Hot Habanero Powder: When ordinary red pepper or cayenne are simply not hot enough, this super-hot ground habanero powder is what you need. Select habanero peppers are picked at their peak of tropical flavor and heat, carefully dried to preserve their characteristic bright flavor, and then ground into a fine powder that you can use in any way you'd use a ground chili -- but with the caution and respect that habanero peppers warrant. This is pure, unadulterated dried ground habanero without any fillers, additives or other spices or seasonings (no salt or sugar, either).

7. Bone Suckin' HOT Seasoning Rub is the spicier, hotter version of our top-selling BBQ rub. Made with the same combination of savory and sweet all-natural ingredients, the only thing different is the heat level, which is hot by North Carolina standards but probably more of a medium-hot using a more general heat scale. And just like the original, this hotter dry rub delivers big, bold, food-friendly flavor that complements all sorts of meats and poultry as well as heartier varieties of seafood (e.g., tuna, salmon, mackerel, shrimp) and vegetables.

Ghost Dust
8. Ghost Dust Pure Ground Naga Jolokia Powder is for experienced, hard-core chiliheads and fiery-foods fanatics who consider the mighty habanero a mere hot pepper for ordinary people. As the name states, this is 100% pure dried ground ghost pepper powder (the ghost pepper is also called the naga jolokia or bhut jolokia pepper, as all serious heat-eaters know). Use with discretion and extreme caution, and in very small quantities.

9. Gator Hammock Gator Sprinkle is made in Florida using locally grown hot peppers and a zesty blend of complementary spices plus just the right amount of salt for a moderately spicy (but not flaming hot) and pleasantly savory all-purpose rub. Use it to season everything from chicken and red meat to shrimp and fish, plus rice dishes, vegetables, popcorn, French fries, and even the flour or breading you use for making fried chicken or fried fish.

Mary's Cherry Rub
10. Mary's Gourmet Cherry Rub is new to our annual best-sellers list but is well-known among barbecue and grilling enthusiasts. A delectably sweet, medium heat BBQ rub that's made with real cherry flavor, natural smoke, brown sugar, savory spices and other all-natural ingredients, it's delightful on anything you grill, smoke, roast, slow-cook, bake or barbecue.

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