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Top 10 Best-Selling BBQ Sauces for 2013

Wells Barbecue Sauce
The following are the top ten best-selling barbecue sauces for 2013 at the Carolina Sauce Company. I bet you'll find one of your favorites here -- and if you haven't tried any of the sauces on this list, I'll bet that once you do, your list of personal favorites will grow.

1. Wells Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce is our best-selling product of all time, across all product categories. Made in the eastern NC town of Burgaw, which is just before you get to Wilmington, it's a genuine vinegar barbecue sauce without any tomatoes or thickeners and a nice touch of zippy spice (without being hot). Ideal for Carolina pulled or chopped smoked pork barbecue, it also doubles as a tangy marinade for chicken.

2. JohnBoy & Billy's Hot & Spicy Grillin' Sauce was created by nationally-syndicated radio personalities JohnBoy & Billy from Charlotte, NC. They've combined the best of North Carolina's three distinct BBQ sauce styles (eastern vinegar, western tomato and coastal mustard) and added hot peppers to create this feisty, finger-lickin'-good "hybrid" sauce that's a little bit thick, a little bit sweet, a little bit sassy, a little bit tangy... and a whole lotta good eats! Prefer a milder, less spicy barbecue sauce with the same great flavor? No worries, keep reading below to find their milder Original sauce later on this list.

Bone Suckin' Sauce
3. Wells All-Purpose Ribs & Chicken Sauce is the thicker, tomato-enriched sibling of our top seller. Developed specifically for basting, slathering and mopping during the final 10 minutes of grilling or smoking, it's also excellent for dipping and saucing at the table. Unlike other tomato  BBQ sauces, this one is not overly sweet and instead delivers a rich tomato flavor with a touch of tang and complementary savory spices. Try it with fried shrimp or french fries instead of ketchup for a grown-up condiment!

4. Bone Suckin' Barbecue Sauce most likely is the best-known North Carolina BBQ sauce on the planet, available in over 60 countries around the world. The original recipe is fourth on our list of best sellers, and its family-friendly tangy-sweet tomato & vinegar flavor complements everything from pulled pork BBQ (for western NC or Lexington style barbecue) to grilled chicken, shrimp & veggie kabobs, and more.

5. Fighting Cock Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce is a tangy-sweet, southern-style hot barbecue sauce
Fighting Cock Barbecue Sauce
made with tomatoes, vinegar, hot sauce, a touch of sugar, a wisp of natural smoke and a healthy splash (or two) of real Kentucky bourbon. Fire up the smoker or the grill and get ready to light up your tastebuds, too!

6. Ole Ray's Apple Cinnamon BBQ Sauce combines old-fashioned autumn ingredients like crisp, sweet apples and warm, earthy cinnamon with all-American tangy tomato barbecue sauce for a rich, homestyle flavor that will complement everything from ribs (beef or pork), roasts, chops and brisket to grilled chicken, shrimp, vegetables, venison and even a big pot of baked beans.

7. Pappy's XXX White Lightnin' BBQ Sauce is a spicy-hot Kentucky style barbecue sauce that's similar to Fighting Cock but adds fiery habanero chiles to the recipe for a powerful peppery punch and bright chili tang. Whether you enjoy it with Carolina smoked pork butt or Kentucky mutton, St. Louis ribs or Texas brisket, all-American grilled chicken or beach-side shrimp & veggie kabobs, you can't go wrong with this barbecue sauce if you enjoy hot & spicy foods.

JohnBoy & Billy's BBQ Sauce
8. JohnBoy & Billy's Original Grillin' Sauce: This is the mild version of our second-place sauce, with the same palate-pleasing blend of sweet tomatoes, tangy vinegar and zesty mustard but without the fiery burn of hot peppers. Perfect for the whole family and all of your friends, this all-purpose barbecue sauce is guaranteed to be a hit every time.

9. Ole Ray's Kentucky Gold Bourbon BBQ Sauce is a classic mustard-based barbecue sauce like the ones you'll find in South Carolina, Florida, coastal NC and eastern Kentucky, except that Ole Ray's has added real Kentucky bourbon to liven up things and get your juices flowing. Use it as a marinade, grilling or basting sauce, especially with ribs, chicken and seafood.

Jim's Own BBQ Sauce
10. Jim's Own Barbecue Sauce is one of North Carolina's most popular and longest-lived BBQ sauce brands. The original mild Homestyle and the peppery Hot versions are western NC (aka Piedmont or Lexington) style sauces, which means that tomatoes and sugar have been added to the vinegar-spice blend to add a touch of sweetness and a bit more body. Jim's Own also makes a coastal Mustard barbecue sauce that's pleasantly mellow and not heavy on the mustard tang, and a delectable Smokey BBQ sauce with a richer, thicker "classic American" flavor and body that has just the right balance of earthy smoke and Carolina vinegar tang.

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