Friday, May 9, 2014

Carolina Reaper Salsa is Here!

The Reaper Super Hot Salsa
Trinidad Moruga scorpion chiles? C'mon, they're sooooo last-year.

Ghost peppers or jolokias? Get serious, that's ancient history. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Habanero or jalapeno peppers? Puh-leeze! Those are for wimps and newbies.

OK, then what about pepper extracts or capsaicin oil? Totally unnecessary if you're dealing with GOOD super-hot salsa made with high-quality ingredients and enough hot peppers.

If you're SERIOUS about SEARING chili pepper heat, nothing but Carolina reaper peppers will do.

And if you're also uncompromising as to flavor and quality, then we have the salsa for you:

Introducing Cajohn's Reaper Super Hot Salsa, featuring the NEW hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper chili!

Sure, this baby is powerfully hot and showcases the reaper pepper in all its fury, but it's more than just another super-hot salsa. The Reaper Salsa from Cajohn's actually tastes good, is made with quality all-natural ingredients, and delivers multi-layered heat thanks to the addition of habanero peppers and jalapeno peppers. Garlic, onion and secret spices deliver zest, fresh tomatoes provide the rich traditional salsa base, and a touch of turbinado sugar takes the edge off and brings everything together harmoniously while letting the fiery heat take center stage. There's no pepper extract or capsaicin oil in this product because there's no need for artificial enhancement of the heat level, and thus your enjoyment of this salsa won't be marred by chemical- or metallic-tasting off-flavors, unnecessarily painful heat or any tongue-numbing side-effects that would prevent you from enjoying your food.

Are YOU brave enough to try a hot salsa made with the infamous Carolina reaper pepper? Then get yourself a jar of Cajohn's Reaper Super Hot Salsa from the Carolina Sauces online store, while it's on sale, and you'll earn yourself some serious bragging rights if you can handle the heat!

Zestfully yours,

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