Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You Think Shakira is Hot? Check Out these New Colombian Imports!

Amazon Green Hot Sauce
Attention spicy-foods lovers with a taste for the hot and exotic:

Amazon Hot Sauces from Colombia have three new flavors now available at the Carolina Sauces online store, and they're all currently on sale!

Amazon Green Hot Sauce, aka salsa picante verde in Spanish, is made with green Amazon peppers and turmeric for an eye-catching pale green color,  moderate heat level and savory-tangy flavor. Food-friendly and approachable, it's an excellent choice for everyday and every-meal use at the table and in the kitchen when a recipe calls for hot sauce. Enjoy it on anything from breakfast eggs and potatoes to lunchtime sandwiches and salads, cookout staples like burgers or kabobs, appetizers like nachos or fried finger food, party fare like pizza or dips, and with dinner entrees ranging from steak and chops to broiled seafood, roast chicken, casseroles and sides, and more.

Amazon Habanero Hot Sauce
Amazon Habanero Hot Sauce is a solidly hot, all-purpose savory hot sauce made with ripe red Amazon chiles and fiery red habanero peppers, for a unique fiery flavor that's bright and almost fruit-like but not sweet or fruity -- rather, there's a mellow roundness to the peppery flavor, obtainable only by using ripe rather than green chiles which have an edgier, sometimes "grassy" or vegetal quality (think of the difference in flavor between red bell peppers and unripe green ones). The light touch of cane sugar harmonizes everything together without turning this into a sweet hot sauce. Amazon Habanero Hot Sauce is great with more robust foods like grilled meats and poultry, rice & bean dishes, chili, stews casseroles, pizza and pasta.

Amazon Mild Sweet Mango Hot Sauce
Amazon Mild Hot N' Sweet Mango Sauce is an alluring, piquant blend of juicy sweet mango with just the right amount of spicy habanero peppers for a playfully zesty sauce that adds sweet excitement and tropical intrigue to lighter foods like fish, seafood, chicken, stir-fry and other rice dishes. But that's not all: This sweet & savory hot sauce is a welcome companion to salty tortilla chips, french fries, calabash shrimp and other crunchy-salty fare. This is the mildest of the Amazon hot sauces, but most definitely not bland or boring when it comes to palate-friendly flavors. Made with exotic ingredients such as passionfruit, mango vinegar and turmeric, it's a memorable sensory experience that will enthrall and enchant you.

These are only three of the newest products to arrive at our warehouse partner, and we have more showing up regularly. Click here to see all new products.

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