Saturday, May 3, 2014

Foo Foo Mama Choo -- Say WHAT??

Carolina Reaper Sauce
The newest hot sauce from High River Sauces is called Foo Foo Mama Choo and is made with the Carolina Reaper pepper, which recently dethroned the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper as the NEW hottest pepper in the world.

Unlike other hot sauces that are quick to jump on the "hottest pepper" bandwagon, this one doesn't cut corners when it comes to quality ingredients and great flavors. High River Sauces takes pride in producing what some would consider "artisan" hot sauces, which is really just a fancy way of saying that their sauces are as much about tasting really good on their own as they are about delivering fiery heat. Their latest creation is true to that commitment to quality, and will please both the serious chilehead as well as the discerning and educated palate.

Roasted red peppers and fire-roasted tomatoes are blended with rice wine vinegar to provide the backbone or base of High River Sauces FooFoo Mama Choo Hot Sauce, for an incomparably rich, smooth, and never harshly tart initial presence on the tongue. You then experience the distinctively bright, almost fruit-like Carolina reaper, with its searingly hot bite -- but because there are no extracts or artificial heat enhancers in this hot sauce, your taste buds won't get blown out. Instead, assuming you're experienced with VERY hot sauces, you'll be able to enjoy the harmoniously complementary flavor notes from zippy fresh ginger, pungent garlic, savory soy sauce and a touch of brown sugar to round everything out, along with High River Sauce's secret blend of herbs and spices.

Intrigued? Then get yourself a bottle and experience what a well-made Carolina reaper pepper hot sauce should taste like. Buy Foo Foo Mama Choo Hot Sauce online from the Carolina Sauces online store while it's on sale.

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