Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Carolina Sauce Company is Closing...

... from Friday, June 27th through Monday, July 7th, for vacation and planning sessions. (Got your attention with the title of this post, didn't I??? That was the whole point - keep reading and you'll see why!)

Please note that no one will be available to take or ship orders or answer the phone or email while we are closed. This means that if you want any of our barbecue sauce, hot sauce, or other zesty products in time for the Fourth of July, you'll need to place your Carolina Sauce order BEFORE June 27th. Any orders received on or after June 27th, while we are closed, will be filled and shipped after we reopen on Tuesday, July 8th.

This time off will allow our hardworking employees to enjoy some vacation during the Independence Day holiday, while also giving us time to plan some exciting new features and research new products for the Carolina Sauce Company online store. You'll still be able to order online while we are closed, and you can leave us voicemail or email if you wish, but any calls or emails will be answered AFTER we re-open on Tuesday July 8th.

I'll post a reminder next week, in case you're like me and like to procrastinate or are really busy and tend to forget stuff.

Thanks for your understanding, and stay tuned for some really cool stuff from Carolina Sauce Company later this summer!

Zestfully yours,

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