Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mama T's Ranch Style Seasoning

Mama T's Ranch Style Seasoning captures the herb flavors and buttermilk tang of ranch dressing, in a dry seasoning. I've sprinkled this tasty ranch seasoning on everything from fish to vegetables to tossed salad, and stirred it into creamy prepared salads (potato salad, egg salad, etc.) and sour cream for a quick dip - and each time the results were delicious! Mama T mixes up her Ranch Style Seasoning by hand in small batches out in Kill Devil Hills, NC, and the downhome flavor of this product shines through no matter how you use it. Heck, I even sprinkle it on popcorn and french fries for a change of pace from ordinary salt! You can also combine it with cracker crumbs or breading for a different twist on fried foods and casserole toppings. Like her other products, Mama T's Ranch Style Seasoning delivers homestyle flavor that enhances your food without overpowering it. Try some today, and support two small family businesses (Mama T Foods, and Carolina Sauce Company) in the process!

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