Saturday, June 7, 2008

Updated Lists of Best-Selling Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce & More

The statistics have been compiled as of June 1, 2008, and the category-specific best-seller lists at the Carolina Sauce Company are now updated. Here are some quick links to help you see what fellow food-lovers and hot sauce fans have been buying so far this year:

*Best-Selling Hot Sauce: This category is led by the Jamaican favorite, Busha Browne's Pukka Sauce, a food-friendly hot sauce that tastes great on just about anything

*Best-Selling Barbecue Sauce: Led by the eastern NC BBQ sauce Wells Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce, this category is once again dominated by North Carolina barbeque sauces but also includes a spicy mustard-based BBQ sauce from Florida

*Best-Selling Gift Sets: With Father's Day just around the corner, it's no surprise that we've seen an upsurge in gift set orders, and our best-selling gift set currently is the mild version of the Bone Suckin' Sauce Gift Set

*Best-Selling Marinades & Dressings: Currently in the top spot is North Carolina's very own Blue Tick Dressing, a gourmet berry & poppyseed vinaigrette

*Best-Selling Rubs & Seasonings: In first place as the best-selling rub is Calhoun's Charcoal Grill Seasoning, a favorite among folks with gas grills who want real charcoal flavor

*Best-Selling Salsas & Relish: Continuing its hold on first place is the medium version of Pepper Dog Salsa, an all-natural southwestern-style salsa made in NC, with its trademark smoky flavor

*Best-Selling Jamaican Jerks & Curry: Joining the usual list of jerks from Jamaica are the delicious Pluto's Organic Jamaican Jerk Sauces, made in NC by a Jamaican ex-pat

*Best-Selling Mustards: My personal favorite, Scorned Woman Mustard, currently tops this list

*Best-Selling Buffalo Wing Sauces: As one would expect, an authentic hot wing sauce from Buffalo leads the pack - the original Anchor Bar Buffalo Wing Sauce

*Best-Selling Snacks: Both varieties of the addictively good Buderim Ginger Gummy Bears from Australia (made with real ginger!) appear on this list

*Best-Selling North Carolina Products: No, the top-seller on this list is not a NC barbecue sauce, but rather the zesty, slightly sweet all-purpose spice sauce called Capsicana Zing!

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