Monday, June 23, 2008

Durn Good Hot 'n Spicy Mustard

Are you tired of boring, bland yellow mustard? Are your hot dogs and burgers begging for some zest to complement their meaty flavors? Do you enjoy spicy, peppery foods and need a mustard to bring your sandwiches and prepared salads some extra zip? Then Durn Good Hot 'n Spicy Mustard is the answer to your prayers! Made in North Carolina, this zingy yellow mustard is most definitely not your ordinary store brand condiment. Popping with peppery personality, this spicy and tasty yellow mustard has just enough burn to satisfy your need for fire without interfering with the flavors of your food. Use Durn Good Hot 'n Spicy Mustard anywhere you'd use regular mustard: on sandwiches and subs, in potato salad and egg salad, in slaw and on burgers or hot dogs, as a dip or topping for pretzels and other snack food, and anywhere else you want to banish the blahs. Durn Good Mustard comes in two sizes, and the 12 oz bottle is currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company!

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